Album Preview: Editors

Check out the entire album, An End Has a Start on the Editors' myspace page.

So far, "Bones" is still my favorite. I saw them perform it at their Tower Records in-store. It was really awesome, really full of energy. Not sure if the new album lives up, but I'll be buying it nonetheless. RS didn't give it a good review, basically the same MO as with Bloc Party's cd. I dunno what's with these art punk bands slowing things down when they should be speeding things up. I'll just have to hope for more upbeat songs on the next go 'round.

Speaking of Tower, I really miss Tower Records. I never really appreciated it until it was gone. The one down the road from me is housing the White Stripes mini-concert that their webcasting today. They're changing the name to Icky Thump Records to tie it all in to the release. Perhaps, I'll try and sneak a peak later on tonight. I bet people are lining up already.

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