five freebies isn't enough

Here is a list i compiled from Pajiba's Five Freebies comment diversion.
My top 5
John Cusack, Christian Bale, Tunde Abebimpe, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller

Here's some more people that I wouldn't kick outta my bed:
ben browder (farscape/stargate)
michael shanks
karl urban (the man is really fit)
cillian murphy
aaron eckhart
hugh jackman
jonny depp
bradley cooper
michael vartan
(alias sandwich?)

milo ventimiglia (even with that scar from last week's episode)
joseph gordon-levitt (see the Lookout)
clive owen
djimon hounson
justin theroux
rafe spall (hot fuzz)
paul rudd
gael garcia bernal
Takeshi Kaneshiro (thanks Fey for the reminder!)

edward norton
matt damon (Bourne trilogy)
james roday (psych)
hill harper (csi:ny)
eduardo whatshisname (without a trace)
peter krause
michael ian black
michael c hall
patrick wilson (that gap commercial is awesome)

Here's some girls just for kicks (everybody else was doing it)
maggie gyllenhaal
audrey tantou
claudia black
angelina jolie
laura linney
lucy lui

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