Fay Grim: A Hal Hartley Film

Am I the only one excited for the new film by Hal Hartley, Fay Grim? I met this random guy at a party who is as stoked as I am. We were talking about Hal Hartley and both exclaimed our glee about his latest film finally being released.

The film stars Parker Posey who has to do some dirty work for the FBI because her husband got her in some hot water. It's a sequel to Henry Fool, a previous film by Hartley. That movie was long and slow paced, but it's worth the ride. I hear this one has more action, which is a tad unusual for Hartley's narrative style.

I was looking at the theater showtimes for the movie and found it at the $3 dollar theater! Is this a bad sign? Also, it was released on dvd last week. No need to even go to the indie theater. All you need is Netflix on the case.

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