Editors' new album coming soon!

Stereogum reminded me that I must get the new Editors next month. I don't care if they were'nt too thrilled with the first single, "Smokers outside the hospital doors". I heard some new tracks live at their in-store, and I was impressed.

At least they like the title track, "An end has a start". Catch the MP3 at Deaf Indie Elephants.

An End Has a Start tracklisting:
  1. Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
  2. An End Has A Start
  3. The Weight Of The World
  4. Bones
  5. When Anger Shows
  6. The Racing Rats
  7. Push Your Head Towards The Air
  8. Escape The Nest
  9. Spiders
  10. Well Worn hand
Comes out in the UK only on June 25th. Perhaps, I'll just jaunt over to England and buy it myself.

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