Movie Prep

Hot Fuzz hit theaters tomorrow, strategically on 4/20. I have seen it already, so I'm gonna wait a bit before seeing it with my friends. But in preparation, I think it would be great to watch Bad Boys II and Point Break beforehand. The two films are hugely alluded to in the film. The main poster is supposed to mimick Will Smith & Martin Lawrence in 'Boys.
http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/151/501352~Bad-Boys-II-Posters.jpg http://thecia.com.au/reviews/h/images/hot-fuzz-poster-0.jpg

It's hilarious. In almost every interview, Simon Pegg & Co. discuss how they watched tons and tons of action movies. They really have a shitload of movie references in this movie. Any true cinephile should see this movie asap!!!

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