I'm on the list

I have to say I had an interesting Tuesday night. My buddy, onetokenblackguy, really described the night perfectly over on his blog.

We tried our best to get into Cinespace to see Patrick Wolf & the Scanners. This will mark the third time in the past month that I've been prevented from seeing the Scanners. So I decided to show up early around 10:15, that's pretty fucking early for LA. The people dressed like elves and bohemian bag ladies were abound. And everybody had to be on the list to get into this event, so I stupidly thought it wouldn't be a big deal. I watched the clump of people cut in front of the main line one after another. Each claiming to know "Stuart", the door guy, or Steve Aoki.

I tried to keep my spirits up and not let this hooplah deter me from my mission. The hour was growing late, almost 11 o'clock. As we're about to walk in, the bouncer denies my buddy entrance because he's wearing cut-off jean shorts (which mind you, if you saw him in a crowd, you'd bet your life that they were genuine pants). And there goes my night.

Or was it? We decide to take the party to Rite Aid where we couldn't help but sing/dance to their Muzak choices. And of course, all we wanted was a 12pack of Molson, but God wasn't having that tonite in a quick fashion. There was a line of at least 10 people in front of me. And behind me, who did I see but none other than Joey Fatone (Fat-one as my friend LTNA would say) from N'sync. We weren't sure if it was him at first, but then the guy walks up to the next checkout and we get further proof. He had on the whitest of white track pants with his last name plastered over the ass. In RAINBOW stitching. That shit had to be done special, but in God's name why?

And why would you go out into public in such activewear? You must desperately need some Magnum condoms. Yes, we saw Joey from the 'Sync buying condoms at 11:15 at night at the local Rite Aid on Sunset. Who waits in line for near 30 minutes for rubbers?

Fatone does.

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