Coachella: An electro-head's dream

If you like to dance, then this year's Coachella might be for you.

Here's a list of some artists that will get you moving.

Peaches (DE) really knows how to get nasty. Outdoor Theater, Fri 7:25-8:15. Digitalism (DE) in Sahara, Fri 6:15-7:30. I love their Klaxons remix. Can't wait! Just read about Evil Nine from the UK. That's gonna be sick in Sahara, Fri 11-12midnite. The always reliable, Felix da Housecat (Chicago) in Sahara (also on Friday, 7:30-8:30).

Sahara is where it's at on Saturday! DJ Heather (Chicago), forget Aoki, this lady knows how to tear it up. Next up, MSTRKRFT (canada). If they play "Street Justice", I'm gonna be in heaven. Damn that line at SxSw, i'll be able to see them no problem this time. Then, the Ed Banger crew are up next with Busy P & DJ Mehdi (FR) at 6:40-8:30. I would love to hear "Lucky Boy".

Also on Ed Banger records, Justice (FR) in the Sahara Tent, Sat. 8:30-9:15pm
Check out this genius video for "D.A.N.C.E."

Then, get ready to shake it to LCD Soundsystem (NYC) at 9:30 on Sat in Sahara. I'd also recommend fitting in a little bit of Gregg's set, aka as Girl Talk (Philly)in Gobi at 8:45-9:30.

And then on Sunday, it's getting crazy out there in the desert! I've been waiting since September to finally see Soulwax (Belgium). They're up in the Sahara at 4:50-5:50pm. I only wish I could go to the Modular pre-party in SF on Friday as well. Look for me at the front acting a fool.

Richie Hawtin (UK) spins the grooves after soulwax goes off. Also on Sunday, Spank Rock (Philly) closing out the Gobi tent.

Just cuz your sweatin' doesn't mean it's from the sun.


drex said...

soulwax is from ghent, belgium

richie hawtin does not play breaks or jungle...he is primarily known for playing techno...more minmial of late but can bang it out as well

Teresa said...

Thanks for the update. Richie was actually boring. But i have heard a cd with him spinning minimal techno b4. i assumed soulwax was aus since they were on modular. my bad.