Seacrest got played

It's 11am and I've been at work at my retail job for 4 hours. Oh yeah, it's a sunday. And the Muzak player has played almost every single John Mayer song I can think of. At this point, I feel like if I saw the man, I would throw a bunch of toss pillows at him. He's like the embodiment of all the reasons I hate working in retail (even if it's only 15 hours a week now).

But this little video right here, it makes all that melt away. I seriously love anyone who gives Ryan Seacrest such a hard time in such an eloquent way. John Mayer sucks alot of the time. But yesterday, he was a king. Playa got played! So yes, stereogum, Seacrest did get served.

Now that I've been nice, can I say something about his GF? Her hair looks awful. Can somebody get her a better colorist please? I hear Jonathan's in Weho has some good ones by my house.

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