Oh no he didn't!


Apparently, Jeremy Piven has been talking trash about my man! See, I have a healthy crush on Mr. John Cusack. And Jeremy and John are buds from childhood. John always found a part in one of his films for Jeremy. I especially love him in Grosse Pointe Blank as the real estate agent. He sells Cusack's character's childhood home (and turned it into a convenience store! HAHA).

Now that Piven is all hot shit with "Entourage", he's badmouthing Cusack. In some interview for Best Life Mag (what is that?), he claims that he always had John's back. I guess this implies that John doesn't has Jeremy's back in return This is mere heresay and a pure PR waste of CNN.com's time. I officially hate Piven's PR agent.

I bet they've just lost touch. And Cusack's not into all that flashy, open shirt, Tom Ford-esque style that Piven's got going on. It happens sometimes. You're friends with a person, but you're just not into the same scene that they are.

I hope they kiss and make up. I think they are too old for this anyway. Let it go Piven, Cusack is clearly the better actor. If this keeps up, I might have to boycott "Entourage". Team Cusack right here! I'll get out my boombox anytime for the JC. I'll just blast Peter Gabriel outside Piven's window. Just try me.


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