Top Singles of 2006

This year, I really got back into music. I went to a ton of shows (thanks LA) and got into a bunch of new groups. I just can't get enough of the music blogs. And I don't even own an (gasp) iPod of any kind!

Here's the songs that make me continue my musical journey:

1. "Munich" - Editors
This was the song that got me dancing all time in my new apartment. I simply love these guys.

2. "Sex City" - Van She
The vocals and the lyrics are dirty pop perfection. I cannot wait for a full length album. Stop remixing Nicky and get into the studio!

3. "Wolf Like Me" - TV on the Radio
The obligatory TVOTR plug. And the video is one the best of 2006! These guys have been touring non-stop. I mean I almost forgot I even saw them at Coachella (You Tube)! And I was there! I do remember Download Fest though.

4. "Hounds of Love" (Phones Remix) - The Futureheads
It may be old news to most, but I fucking love this mix. Greenpea-ness & GWFAS have preached the gospel of Phones, and I am one their devoted now. Mr. Epworth can do no wrong in our book.
5. "Over and Over" - Hot Chip

That drum electro-beat is infectious. And the video is genius. I can't believe I just saw this last week. I blame MTV2 for showing fucking shows instead of videos!

6. "Discotech" - YoungLove
This is the party starter for me. Dan Keyes voice is so sweet like Bernard's from New Order. I wish I could party with him. I can't get enough of his beats. Expect good things from his LP in 2007!

7."Are You the One?" - The Presets
Just check my myspace. You'll know how I work it on the dance floor to this jam.

8. "Street Justice" - MSTRKRFT
Halloween was off the hook! I mean Justice surely killed it. But MSTRKRFT still delivered the goods. This is my favorite from the Looks.

9. "Bonnie Brae" - The Twilight Singers
If you watch the first episode from this season of "Rescue Me", you'll understand me and Mr. Leary. It was the perfect soundtrack for Tommy Gavin. His life is chaotic and that's simply how it is. The guitar and bass hammering it home on how Tommy just keeps on livin'. Just watch. It's drama at it's best. One of the best shows on TV.

10. "Love is a Number" - White Rose Movement
I'd been hearing this song all the frelling time. And I had no idea who the band was. After some digging on elbo.ws, I found my answer. I couldn't stop playing it ever since.

11. "Whoo, Yeah, Alright..." - The Rapture
That album is golden. So much more mature and complex than Echoes.

12. "Ice Cream" - New Young Pony Club
Modular in the House, Y'all!

13. "Gravity's Rainbow" - Klaxons
That is outta control on their EPs. Just so much going on, so many beats and sounds. Can we get a real album, please? I can't wait to see them live.
The Van She mix is another winner.

14. "Skinny Boy" - Amy Millan
Going solo seems to be the way to go for BSS females. Very nice.

15. "Gold Lion" - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
I know it's played out, but damn is not good!

16. "Love, Love, Love, Love" - As Tall As Lions
A sweet love jam.

17. "In the Morning" - Junior Boys
If this was in some sort of hierarchical order, it needs to way higher. This album is so gooood.

18. "Hands Open" - Snow Patrol
Yeah, "Chasing Cars" gets all the hype, but this was the real single that captured my money.

19. "We Are Your Friends" - Justice Vs. Simian
European VMAs - Best video of the year, 'nuff said.

20. "SexyBack" & "My Love" - Justin Timberlake
Love him or hate him, his songs gonna be played on the dance floor. And they get the party started! I mean, look at the success of "PaxilBack" by Gray Kid, gotta have an original to make the joke.

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