Vanished kinda sucks

I love Gale Harold, so I will be giving it a chance. It still kinda sucks.

I won't suspend my disbelief to accept this hokey Da Vinci Code vs. "24" storyline. Good Hodgkins agrees with me (even if he does love "24", which I'm not that into). Each episode leaves the viewer more perplexed about the "Vanishing" of Sara Collins, some bullshit Senator's wife. There's some masonic elitist group (straight outta The Skulls if you ask me) trying to blackmail the senator into voting for some Supreme Court confirmation. Who cares? If you don't have decent characters, don't try to make your story overly complex to compensate.

And the acting is atrocious. Rebecca Gayheart (aka Noxzema Girl) is some buxom reporter who gets on the FBI's nerves. Her and her boyfriend/cameramain are just plain stupid. I feel they threw her character in to put in some kind of love interest for Gale Harold's character. And to add in some trashy Melrose Place-esque sex scenes while they're at it.

The son of the Senator (John Patrick Amedori - who is only 19! Yikes) is kinda cute, but his character is too whiny. He has some thing for his Mom, played by Penelope Ann Miller (She looks oooold!) She plays the senator's ex-wife. I used to like her until she played that statutory raping teacher in that Lifetime movie about Mary Kay Letourneau. Ya know the one about the teacher who slept with her student and got knocked up! Crazy bad movie.

Anywho, "Vanished" probably won't last out the year. I just hope Gale Harold can put his talents to good use besides flashing his ass on QAF spin-off.

*post from 9/12/06

Update: Gale Harold got killed off! HA!

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Wandering Coyote said...

I'm sorry to see Gale go, and I cannot stand that Rebecca Gayheart character. I think it's a decent mystery overall, but you're right about the acting (apart from Gale). I'm going to keep watching just because I want to see how it ends, but it won't be the same without Kelton.