Top 5: Grey's Anatomy

In honor of the season premiere next week (9/21 at 9pm folks!), I decided to put into words why I fucking love this show.

Top 5 reasons to love and watch Grey's Anatomy:

1.  It's hilarious!

From the intern hi-jinks to the insane cases they get, it keeps the viewer guessing. I especially loved the episode where one of Meredith's one-night-stands had an erection that wouldn't go away! The shame she got from McDreamy was so good to watch.

2. The characters are realistic.

My favorite is Bailey & Christina. They're not always likable, but damn are they real. I know Meredith & Izzy sorta falter on this one. Meredith does whine too much. And in one episode George puts her in her place about it (which was sooo great!). But ya know what people, Meredith's like kinda sucks. So let her whine.

3. I love the romantic relationship plot lines. And I hate romance.

The love triangle with Addison, McDreamy, and Meredith is enough to keep me glued to the box. Why? Because you know Meredith and McDreamy are meant for each other. But he's fucking married! And he's too good of a person to truly fuck that up (that is until the season finale last May). Also, I love how Alex loves Izzy, even though she doesn't love him. That's real life. Plenty of people don't get who they want. They settle. I'm sick of TV making it out to be so simple to get the one you really want. Doesn't work that way.

4. They have patients actually die from real diseases.

They have an excellent Doctor on this show as consultant. There is shit that blows ER out of the water. Plus, they show (more often than not) how much pain the family goes through after losing a loved one. On ER, patients die and they show how it affects the doctors (and to hell with the families). G.A. does show what it does to the interns. Esp when Izzy had to take care of this premie baby, it was a lost cause. Still, her job was to keep the baby alive through the night. Well, the baby didn't. And it devastated the viewer just as it was for Izzy. That's drama that I want to watch. No sugarcoating like on ER.

5. In other words, I'm in love with the producers.

Shonda Rimes and Peter Horton (from Thirtysomething!) really know what they're doing. They make all the elements gel together. They are the reason i have reasons 1-4. They picked good writers, who write good stories that hilarious, have real character, drama, and romance all in one.

So who cares if people call it a nighttime soap.  And who cares if they didn't get a single Emmy award. I simply love it.

Go out and buy seasons 1 & 2!  I know that I will.

*post from 9/13/06

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