Oh sweet Monty

Happy Birthday to Montgomery Clift (1920-1966). I know he's passed on, but his very attractive memory still lives on. I loved him in I Confess, a pretty depressing Hitchcock film. He played a priest who refused to disclose what a murderer told him in the confessional booth.

He would have been 86 years old today. He committed "suicide" of sorts by being a crazy, alcoholic, trying to come to terms with being homosexual. It was hard on him I'm sure after the accident, which sadly called for reconstructive surgery on his beautiful face. He died of some sort of heart failure. Very suspicious. Nonetheless, he was missed. Damn homophobia causing men all sorts of stress. It's such a shame really.

Can't ya see the difference after the surgery? A bit older but still okay. Still kinda weird, but not as bad as say Mark Hamil.

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