Movie List for October

There are like a gaggle of movies I wanna see this month.

Shortbus is definitely at the top. I love John Cameron Mitchell. Hedwig was great (even if it had Michael Pitt).

I still haven't seen The Illusionist yet. But Pajiba gave it a good review. And Ed Norton has always pulled off that undercover, sinister character thing. I won't even hold it against the filmmakers that Jessica Biel is in it. And Paul Giamatti, forgetta 'bout it.

Another serious film that looks phenomenol is The Last King of Scotland. I have been psyched ever since I read about it in Premiere. It stars the kid who starred in the Sci-Fi channel mini-series, Children of Dune. I know this is exposing my inner geek, but James McAvoy was so engaging in that film. That series was like 2 hours too long; however, he made it bareable. And he's hot. That's enough. But seriously, Forest Whitaker is so fucking scary even on paper in this movie. And I absolutely love Kerry Washington (Lift, Ray, Mr. and Mrs. Smith). That's one my go to African-American actresses I think of when someone young and talented.
I'll just list the rest.
The Prestige - The cast alone is enough to get me all tingly. David Bowie, Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale. And oh yeah, Scarlett Johanssen.
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - I always give Shia a chance. Plus, Mr. Downey Jr. is in it. I hear the plot is a bit meandering, but I'd give it a go.
And of course, I must see The Departed. C'mon, I did go to film school. I gotta see it! Scorsese is one of the best directors of our times. I think I take Goodfellas over Casino tho. That movie made Ray Liotta in my opinion.
Rupert Grint (from the Harry Potter series) is in Driving Lessons, a non-fantasy film. That sounds pretty cool. And I'm a sucker for a coming-of-age drama anywho.
So many and so little time.

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