Lucky Bitch

Michelle Rodriguez went to jail for a mere four hours before her release. She was supposed to serve 60 freakin' days! I call that good lawyering. Supposedly, it was due to overcrowding in jails. They let non-violent offenders out early. But four hours?!

Later, the drunk was spotted partying at the Hotel Roosevelt bar, Tropicana. I think America does their part to reward functional alcoholics. God Bless America.

Speaking of Rodriguez, I was not thrilled with the finale of LoSt. The only answer we got was the hatch malfunctioning causes electromagnetic anomalies that crashed their flight. Who gives a fuck how the plane crashed. Not me. I want to know who the fuck the others really are! Just more riddles and intrigue. Jesus christ that show infuriates me.
*post from 5/30/06

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