"He has plans"

What did ya think of the new Grey's Anatomy?

I enjoyed it immensely even though it didn't really answer much. Izzie may not be a surgeon. Meredith might choose Finn or Derek. I think Chris O'Donnell is perfect for that character. He's cute, non-threatening, safe guy. He could be really good for Mer (even though she's all "dark and twisty").

Well it did answer one question. Derek told Meredith he loved her. He wants her and loves her and just can't help it. Um... hello.. we already know that. Nevertheless, it was nice to see him make the effort and put his feelings out there. This episode was the veil behind the veil episode. It was a primer. It hit the reset button on the love triangle by re-enforcing Derek's uncontrollable urge to love Mer despite the consequences. I thought his speech was good but a little melodramatic with the "you have a choice" to make. It was like they were seriously throwing down the gauntlet.

And Finn still has plans. Just so disgustingly cute. You eventually come around to him (like she might do). He's like a little puppy. Like a golden retriever. And I like that he wasn't so cutesy in this ep. He was clearly pissed that Mer is hung up on Derek. He threw down the gauntlet as well by saying she deserves to be happy. I don't know if Grey's Anatomy will be that cool if she just ends up with him. It could be an interesting season or it good be really fucking good.

Christina was just so fucking great when she told Burke to never die. I would totally say that! It was so weird to see their backstory with her as one of his rabid fans. Totally outta character I think.But it really showed how these people are truly socially inept like some craxy high school students. It's pretty true. I worked at UCLA medical hospital for like two months. These were residents and not interns (but still the same) for anesthesiology no less! Bunch of dorks trying to pull it together.

I think the best part of the ep for me though was Addison and Derek's fight. That was the real nugget of drama in the episode. Kate Walsh was so good in that scene. I mean he was pissed. He threw her out. Into the rain. And then just gave up on her and left. That's cold. Not as cold as fucking his best friend. It's like yeah you fucked someone else. But damn, not him, not my best bud! That's when it really hurts and turns the knife in and it breaks off. It goes too deep. It just spoils all your good memories that you had. Like a cancer or virus. It makes you not trust your feelings ever again. I mean you thought this was someone you loved, but I guess you were wrong. Like dead wrong. Her betrayal just seeps in to Derek and won't ever go away I guess. And I mean now he knows something better is out there. He's a guy, of course he fucked Meredith. He put up a good fight but emotions won out.

Eugene from "The Practice" was on this episode (with his big 'ol lips and head nods and all). He was great. He played some crazed possible plague victim. And he was CRAZY. I thought he was gonna hypervenilate and die right then. Damn Chandra, who plays Bailey, is good. Bailey talked him down. His situation really sucks. He was sick and found out his wife is dead because they both were sick. He can be as crazy as he wants.

I'm definitely psyched for this season. So glad I have Tivo and can watch these at my leisure.

*post from 9/25/06

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