George aka TR Knight is gay?

No way, not my George.

Well, I know George is a character and does not reflect a real person. So it's cool, everybody is gay.

This business is getting dirty though with all this pr black magic. "Burke" aka mr. fine ass Isaiah Washington gets a little heated. Maybe, allegedly chokes a certain Mr. McDreamy. Next thing we know, George is gay? WTF is goin on this show's behind the scenes?!

And then PerezHilton.com starts shooting off about this National Enquirer article. Even if the man used the f-word about TR, let's not forget that he also choked someone (allegedly) at the same time. Which is worse? I dunno, they're both bad. But the man shouldn't be fired over one argument. Y'all just need to step back and let the man be recognized 'aight?

But seriously, do any of you realize how much actors are a bunch of children throwing temper tantrums 24/7? This shit is real. They throw shit at people, cuss people out. I've seen them in the store coming in from CBS. These tv people of dangerous. Not really, but they can kick up the melodrama at a drop of a hat.

So give Isaiah and T.R. some slack? It's really a game between their publicists and newspapers. I'm sure the "guys" are back to being the pals they were before. Right?

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