A dissapointing $106 million

I guess Superman Returns tanked at the embarrassing amount of $106 million (seven day opening). I thought it did well in my opinion, considering the utter lack of plot. It's an okay film, but I was expecting more to go on. It's nothing close to the complete shite that is Spiderman 2 (I don't give a fuck about the third one either!). Returns did at least bow better than Batman Begins from last summer. However, it dropped off faster than Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds which grossed $220 million with a seven day opening.

Perhaps, the reason for the decline was the fact that America has finally realized there's no need to rush to the cineplex. It won't be hard to squeeze it in. I'm sure that no one is clamoring at the bit for the likes of Little Man or Lady in the Water. I suppose there are a few people excited for Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (which is I pirati dei caraibi 2 in Italian).

I did see the #2 winner at the box office as well, The Devil Wears Prada. I give it a B. The outfits were glamorous as expected. But, it got quite old to believe Anne Hathaway, in a size 6, as "fat". And all the supporting characters were quite flat (see the love interests a) Adrian Grenier as live-in BF b) Simon Baker as hottie writer out to get her). Meryl Streep was divine though. I loved every one of her scenes, which thank god were most of the film. Any screen time with Hathaway to wrestle over the struggles of being an assistant were pretty much lost on me.
I'll report soon on A Scanner Darkly. I know all 2 of my readers are waiting with bated breath.
*post from 7/5/06

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