Crank Anyone?

I actually might see this film Crank, not the drug (get your head of the gutter people). It stars the sexy Jason Statham, who was enough to hold my attention in the Transporter series (and that's about all there was). He's just so goddamn handsome in that suit.

Crank Movie Stills: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor

And come to find out, Glen Howerton (who plays Dennis on "It's Always Sunny") is in it! That's it, now I gotta see it.

Not convinced, check out the Crank review on Pajiba. Or the trailer, it'll make you wish you were on some amphetamines.

C'mon the tagline is "poison in his veins. vengeance in his heart"!

*post from 9/1/06

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