Alright Already!

I swear to god that every fucking blog is talking about this shite.

First off, this is a cute baby. If you squint, it looks like Tom. But why the hell is her hair so dark? And her eyes look like a different color in each picture.

Yeah, and so what if Annie Lebowitz ripped on the backcover of McCartney. Photographers have to be commercial and sell these magazines. The same tricks still work.

But what I'm most peeved about is the tagline on the cover: "Yes, Suri, She's Our Baby"? WTF? That makes absolutely no sense to me. Not to mention it is very ugly font and shape to overlay. I guess it's some pun on "yes sir-e" or some shit. Well, it's not clever. It's confusing. And obvious-fucking-ly that's their goddamn baby they're pawning off as their "miracle". All stupid people with babies talk like this, but only Tom Cruise gets to use Vanity Fair as his mouthpiece to go apeshit about his baby gold.

On other gossip, who gives a fuck about Lindsay's va-jay-jay. It was bound to surface sometime. She already flashed her ass at the Kid's Choice awards a couple months back. And plus, tons of outfits don't require underwear. I won't degrade my blog by posting the pics (fake or not).

*post from 9/6/06

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