"7 to 2, turn it down!"

In college, my roommate Jenni and her friends had this stupid saying. Whenever they were wild'n'out drunk and shit, they would yell out "7 to 2, turn it down" in their shrill voices. Then, they would laugh in unison. This was my queue that someone was most likely about to throw up or make a fool of themselves. It also meant for me that it was time to pull up a chair and watch the train wreck that was about to happen (i.e. bad dancing, kissing other people's boyfriends etc).

In New Zealand, they're apparently going to institute red flags to motion to the drunkards to cut it out.

"A yellow card is shown to imbibers who may be heading toward trouble during a night at the pub, while a red card removes them from the bar"!

And get this! They can come back and use the red flag to redeem a free drink on their next visit!

If I got a red card, I would feel like it was a new badge of honor. Or better yet, I would have a contest with my pals to see who gets the most red cards. The winner gets to cash in on all the free drinks! Hooray for supporting alcoholism while shoving the heroin addicts into the alleys or rehab.

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