"Further Information" My Ass

"Further Information" was the title of the "Lost" ep from last nite.

Okay, a few things were wrapped up. They actually set out on a task, saving Mr. Eko, and finished it. That was cool. That polar bear was CGI-ed out to the max, but still pretty fucking scary. That bear apparently ate some kids and fucked up Mr. Eko. And that's some task, that man is scary as hell.

Locke had some type of seance' with "the island" where Boone (Ian Somerhalder) appeared. I don't like his scraggily look on tv.

However, he did grace his presence at my store on Sunday, where he looked mighty fine in a pageboy hat. He was shopping in the basket section (on the cell phone of course). His sighting was almost as exciting as seeing Charlie Hunham (British QAF, Abandoned). But I digress.

The dream sequence was cool. The airpot montage littered with tiny plot clues. I just hate how overt the show is getting with all the clue-dropping etc. They really want the audience to buy into all this shit. I seconded what Trent said about making it so convuluted that people will stop caring. It is quite reminiscent of Twin Peaks. Good call Trent, since the guy named Mike (the pot farmer) was actually on that show.

We at least got some dirt on Locke, the gullible pot farmer. The hot bully from The Chumscrubber, Justin Chatwin, played a role in this flashback as an undercover cop. I find that quite hard to believe though. He doesn't look a day past 18. It reminded me of The Departed; fresh newbie cop goes undercover, tricks the criminals with his age, gets them to lay their guard down. They of course cut that shit into the action, so no real information was gleaned from this flashback.
I'm sure there's more to come.

And for the record people, Mike (the pot farmer) is not Zeke, aka Mr. Friendly with the fake beard. Though I do admit, they look an awful lot alike. It takes a seasoned, trained B movie actor buff (or imdb/wikipedia) to see the difference.

They have the same type of face. But Mr. Friendly is definitely a lot older.
I'm gonna stick it out the rest of the season, cos goddamnit that preview for next week looks cool.

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